Founded by husband and wife Stan and Ashley Makhotin in 2013, Hard Hatters Roofing & Construction LLC brings reliability and hard work to the table.


Stanislav Makhotin has his grandpa’s gaze. Into Russian landscapes he heard a proud heartbeat, and into American neighborhoods Stan heard that heart beat proudest.

“I wouldn’t have Hard Hatters Roofing if not for my grandfather.” Who was much more than a fighter, a veteran, and he was much more than a teacher. “It was how he taught me. He taught me how to see.”

The sites near Omsk kept forgotten families sleeping under a mosaic of stain. It pained Stan’s grandfather to see those suffer. So he put his tired gloves on, and grabbed his grandson to help fix things up. “I promised to fulfill a legacy for the community.”

In America Mr. Makhotin carries immigrant roots on his tool-belt, equipped with hammered down diligence. He’s had to adjust a few wrenches to unbolt opportunities inside a new market. Standing on the rooftops, Stan shares sweat, blood, and tears of passion for a fruitful future.

Results were quickly weekly paychecks feeling invisible as a subcontractor. Stanislav thought different because he appreciated each relationship he made helping later establish connections to what partnership truly is.

“I would have been lost without my wife Ashley.” Their entrepreneurship started a lifestyle, an investment in their love of both the service industry and each other. They dreamed it, they created Hard Hatters Roofing.

Stan Makhotin ,  President of Hard Hatters Roofing & Construction LLC

Stan Makhotin, President of Hard Hatters Roofing & Construction LLC